Monday, 30 June 2014

How Ladybird Environmental Consulting was born?

Ladybird Environmental Consulting was founded by Dr. V.Shubhalaxmi in July 2014. Frustration at her workplace for lack of freedom and recognition, forced her to form her own company. Her turmoil of dealing with her ever-growing aspirations started two years ago. She wanted new assignments and new challenges in new areas which weren't coming her way. This is when the news about Company Act amendment was making rounds. She started learning more about it and started interaction with corporate businesses. Sooner she developed a fair understanding about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainability and the important role played by NGOs. She conceptualized a holistic way to address CSR mandate by involving NGOs. Unfortunately there were no takers of her idea in her organization and that's when she decided to take the plunge into this new area.

She however did not want to start it all by herself and that's when she started speaking to various women leaders on her network and invited them to join her company as an experts. In no time a team of women experts was formed and to do justice to this synergy, the name Ladybird was coined.
Dr. Carmen Aldinger, Health Expert
Ms. Charvi Parikh, Director, me2green NGO
Ms. Renee Vyas, Tree Crusader
Ms. Jyoti Palekar, Director, STEP
Dr. V.Shubhalaxmi, Founder
Ms. Usha Mallaya, Director, Greenyard

Ms. Avi Sabaval, Management Professional
Ladybird is a name of a beetle. It is known to feed on agricultural pests, aphides, thus used in integrated pest management. These brightly coloured insects thus are protectors of our crops and safeguarding our food security. Like Ladybirds, women too are greater healers and protectors. These team will surely do wonders by interfacing in the sector of environment with corporate businesses and NGOs. Dr.Shubhalaxmi dreams of running this social enterprise with exclusive women power, encouraging specially those women entrepreneurs who have hit the glass ceiling!

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